To encourage awareness of (your) health and well being, and how you the individual may practice making choices that enhance health and harmony in your daily life. Through this becoming a better you to share, influence and be an example to others in a positive way

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The quality of life we experience is about our attitude and how well we can learn to treat ourselves. By learning more awareness of what is happening within us the more we may choose to make different choices to the way we think, results in actions, = results - we like - we don't like herein lies the point of change, through a different choice potential.


Jennifer Morgan

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I became aware at a very young age that "not being well" was not just about the symptoms that showed up in the body. At the time I did not have the words to express what this feeling meant.

As most people "back then" all our medicines were found in the kitchen cupboard. ie Castor Oil for constipation and for us of Swiss birth Olive Oil and some aspirin.

We visited the doctor, or he came to our homes in cases of fever. cuts needing stitches or bone-setting pretty much.

As we gave up paying any real attention to ourselves so we have managed to distance ourselves from ourselves. We as humans have never been so many, had so much, yet are and have become impoverished in all ways.

When I try and recall when I became first interested in herbs and what they could do for me in terms of well being; I am unable to find a day or a particular moment - It just seems like it always was.

Not to just take a bath before going to work, it was an actual experience a ritual of cleansing, how good it felt.

Perhaps the words I am looking for is "to Feel" alive, in and among all we have to do in any given day. To take a pause within the rush; take a breath - or two, and instead of allowing my internal dialogue to boss me around, to rather have a chat to myself, ask "hey - how are you feeling right now?" - "what can I choose to think better, to feel better?"

For me discovering essential oils gave me a tool to help myself to become aware of my own feelings of stress, and the possibility of helping myself deal with this on a day to day level.

There are no quick fixes (however, there are miracles...) and we meet ourselves anew each day wherein lies good days, great days and those that plain... make us wonder!

For example, beginning to ask "what do I need?" when I have a headache, a drop of peppermint on a tissue to inhale; cold symptoms, a steam with Eucalyptus, an early night and sleep; Sleeping or lack of, taking a relaxing Lavender bath or essential oil of preference.

We can see how quickly we may return to simplicity within ourselves. Yes, we do get caught up and we do tell ourselves loads of things that are more harmful than helpful.

By Challenging this we may shake up a lot we do to contribute to our own feelings of dissatisfaction but are you not worth it to yourself, to ask "Who and what you are who lives in your body and how you treat this person and body?"

This is the start of a journey that is your life, how is your 'barometer of choices' showing your joy... or time to make new choices for the goal 'joyful results'.

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