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Love Nature. Nurture Yourself.

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As a young girl, I became increasingly aware that not being well was about so much more than just the apparent symptoms, although at the time I didn’t have words to express what I meant.

As with most families back in those days, our medicines were found in the pantry – castor oil, olive oil and aspirin, and when we did see the doctor, it was for a fever, stitches or to set a broken bone.

Over the years though, as our world has become more rushed and technologically orientated, we’ve forgotten these roots, and as a result of our search for the proverbial quick fix, we’ve lost touch with who we are and what we feel.

We’ve forgotten what it’s like to really feel alive – to pause for a minute, take a deep breath and check in with ourselves: ‘Hey – how are you feeling right now?’ or ‘What can I choose to think better, feel better?’

What we need is a simpler, more natural way.

For me, essential oils have become a tool that I can use to answer these questions, to deal with overwhelming feelings and stress: a drop of peppermint oil on a tissue to inhale when I have a headache, a steam with Eucalyptus followed by an early night to ward off an impending cold, or simply taking a lavender bath to unwind and relax me so that I can sleep well that night.

When we challenge our old ways of being we uncover new potential and energy within ourselves, enabling and empowering us to create new visions of and paths to success.

This is just the start of the journey that is your life – and I encourage you to pursue your passion, and make space for the new choices that will give you the joyful results that you so deeply desire.


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Peppermint Aroma Tip

To alleviate stomach discomfort associated with travel, massage a few drops of Peppermint essential oil on your abdomen and wrists, and inhale the aroma.