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Love Nature. Nurture Yourself.

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Should you have trouble placing an order through the online store, you can always email your orders to aromatic@icon.co.za and one of our friendly staff will happily assist you.

Aromatic Essential Oils Store

Aromatic Essential Oils provides only the highest quality aromatherapy products for a wide range of applications.

From carrier and massage oils, to essential oils and potpourri, our wide selection of high quality aromatherapy oils and allied products will leave you refreshed and revitalised - and ready to take on the world!

To simplify your shopping and browsing experience, we've categorised our store. Simply browse through the list below, select the section you'd most like to visit and click read more to see the products on offer in each category.

What's more, we've made sure our products are populated with their uses, so you can simply use the search field on the right hand side of any page to type in the oil, blend or use you're searching for and then browse the search results.

Aromatic Store

  • Carrier Oils +

      Made with love and the finest attention to detail, our extensive range of carrier oils includes a cold-pressed selection, so… Read More
  • Essential Oils +

      Made from only the purest ingredients, our extensive range of aromatherapy essential oils will thrill and delight your senses with… Read More
  • Potpourri Oils +

      Nothing says home more than a welcoming aroma wafting through your house. Our high quality, fragrant range of Potpourri Oils will… Read More
  • Plant Extract Massage Bases +

    The perfect massage base can take a plain old massage and quickly turn it into a divine experience. Luckily, we've… Read More
  • Natural Floral Waters (Hydrosols) +

    Revive yourself with a burst of floral freshness! A hydrosol is the condensed water left over from the process of extracting… Read More
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Aromatic Search

Geranium Aroma Tip

For the treatment of cold sores, put one drop of Geranium essential oil on a cotton swab and dab the affected area.